Riding the wave of digital disruption in the new norm.

Digitalcosec is part of a digital transformation plan initiated by MYCA Group of Accountants & Advisors. To successfully ride the wave of digital disruption, we decided to embrace the global digitalization trend. As history has shown, transformation is never an easy task, on that involves a high level of faith, focus and of course resources. We have accepted the challenge and volunteered ourselves to be on the frontline of digital transformation, in search to become digital leaders in the field.

With more than 10 years of expertise behind us, and counting, we are ready to provide you with the best. We have seen the company secretary industry undergo big changes. Amendments to the New Companies Act 2016, as well as new Online Submissions and Online Reporting processes, to name a few have forced us to adapt and grow. We believe this digital transformation from a conventional business model to a digital company secretary can provide more benefits to all and even provided us the chance to enhance our services and features.

Success stories of digitalization shows a path to improved productivity, simplification of business processes, increased transparency, lowered costs, and better convenience. We believe digitalization is no longer a burden on our clients and ourselves but is the way forward.

Are you ready for the digital transformation? If so, hop on board with us at Digitalcosec.